Taxable Payment Annual Report
Due 28th August each year.
Whom this applies to ;
1.If you’re a business that is primarily in the building and construction industry Over 50%
2.You make payments to contractors for building and construction services
3.You have an Australian business number (ABN).
Still confuse, check with your accountant or the ATO.
Contractors can be sole traders (individuals), companies, partnerships or trusts.
Reportable activities and services examples include :
1.architectural work (including drafting and design)
3.decorating (including painting),,
5.landscaping and construction,
6.project management
7. surveying.
What you need to report.
You need to report the following information about each contractor:
1.their Australian business number (ABN), if known
2.their name
3.their address
4.the gross amount you paid them for the financial year (this is the total amount paid including GST)
5.the total GST included in the gross amount you paid

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