Two Step Authentication

Two Step Authentication – 2.S.A or Two Factor Authentication – 2.F.A
Will become mandatory from the 1th March for all accounting programmes and ATO lodgements. You will not be able to use Single Touch Payroll – S.T.P – Which is also become mandatory on 1st July – without it.
We all have been using 2.S.A or 2.F.A for a while without knowing it with banking etc. Log in to bank put in your password then get a number texted to your phone. Yep get it.
Well someone made an App for that.
M.Y.O.B have started the ball rolling. I down loaded the app and bingo I’m locked out of all my client’s files.
2.F.A became O.M.G then W.T.F.
The acronine for “Two Factor” will forever mean something else to me now.
If you don’t want your 2.F.A to be O.M.G then W.T.F when your M.Y.O.B/X.E.R.O files are locked, and you can’t P.A.Y using S.T.P then call K.A.T at A.M.B.S…0414742352……….